Training Management Software

VitisOne Training Management System

VitisOne Training Management System helps you manage your training administration processes from registration to reporting. Let VitisOne handle your paperwork, while you focus on your core business of delivering excellent training programs.

Why choose VitisOne?

1.  Increase training volume without hiring more admin staff

2.  Automate training administration processes

3.  Manage all your training records on one platform, accessible from anywhere


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Course Registration

RegistrationBulk Registration

Participants submit all their personal particulars and supporting documents online, so you don’t need to chase them for it. Bulk upload using Excel spreadsheets is also available, saving you time.

Generate Invoices


Generate and send out invoices to participants with just a few clicks, so you can collect payment earlier.

Send Class Confirmations

Class Confirmation

Email class confirmations and instructions, customised to individual participants and/or their supervisors, so you save time composing dozens of emails for each class.

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluation Email Alertcourseeval

At the end of a course (and 3 months later), VitisOne automatically prompts participants to fill out a course evaluation (and post-course survey), so you don’t have to remember to send it. The surveys are done online and results are automatically tabulated.


Report - Company RevenueReport - Individual Training Profile

Reports on individual training records, course revenue and profit, planned vs actual training, WSQ Assessment Results, training outcomes , sales commission calculation, trainer utilisation and more.

Training Planning

Training Plan

For internal staff, use VitisOne to construct a company and individual training plan, with internal course application and approval workflows.

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