User adoption and IT system implementations

Users adoption and training management systems

A key factor in successfully implementing any IT system, including training management systems, is user adoption. Staff who utilise more features of a system in their daily work will reap many times the benefits compared to those who use it only occasionally. You may have got the best consultant to implement the most feature-rich system available, but if your users are resistant to using the system, project failure will be staring at you in the face.

For this reason, a key part in our implementation strategy for our customers is to patiently handhold users through the workflow and processes to ensure that they are comfortable using the system and will be not just willing but eager to switch over from their legacy systems.

At Vitis Solutions, we don’t “implement and disappear”. More than just software vendors, we are also business and IT consultants who pay close attention to the change management and human aspects of system implementation.

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